Energy Storage Systems

Electrovaya offers a range of stationary energy storage solutions for residential, commercial & industrial, and utility applications.  


Electrovaya offeres a 48 VDC module that is scalable for stationary energy storage applications. The module is comprised of 14 LC-44 cells with an output of 2.3 kWh. With the integrated BMS unit ,these modules can be paralleled together to make the size of system required by our customers. This unit is being used in a wide range of applications such as home energy storage and telecom back-up power.

Form Factor

Module is also a “building block” with fixed dimensions for easy integration featuring outer Aluminum casing which offers a degree protection.

Vibration Tolerance

Cells are housed in frames with padding for vibration dampening.

Isolation Protection

Physical isolation protection around cells preventing voltage leakage.

Laser Welded Cell Tabs

Allows for best electrical connection, longest calendar life,  and vibration tolerance.


Integrated BMS provides protection for the module and paralleling of up to 64 modules as well as CANBUS communication for integration with system control.



For the commercial, industrial and utility scale energy storage markets Electrovaya offers a rack based system using our LC-44 cell and iBMSTM technologies. Racks are constructed of modules that can be configured to meet customer’s energy and power needs and are available up to 800 VDC. The iBMSTM system provides multiple levels of safety and control to ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency at all times.

Key Features:

  • Configurable – units are designed for paralleling
  • Customizable – available in multiple configurations
  • iBMSTMmonitors voltage, temperature, current, performs cell balancing and communicates with system controls
  • Multi Level Safety – Redundant safety measures on cell, module, and rack level
  • Forced Air Cooling – available for high temperature applications
  • Communication – CANBUS enabled


Electrovaya is experienced in deploying turnkey storage solutions, whether in remote, off-grid locations or grid-connected in urban areas, we are experienced in customizing solutions to meet our customers demands. Below are some examples of systems we have deployed in the past few years.


ESS for Microgrid

A 450 kWh/250 kW system in Northern Canada integrated into a microgrid using Diesel and Wind Energy.

Grid Connected ESS

A 1.5 MWh/300 kW system installed in the heart of downtown Toronto.


Con Edison

A 800 kWh/500 kW mobile energy storage container capable of being deployed for localized outages, disaster relief or special events in lieu of a Diesel generator.