Design Flexibility

Electrovaya’s systems engineering team is well versed in building both low-voltage and high-voltage systems for a variety of motive applications such as forklifts and buses.

Forklift Battery Power Systems

‌ELivate uses Electrovaya’s breakthrough cell technology for a revolutionary forklift battery system – the most efficient, longest lasting and safest Lithium-ion battery solution on the market. The ELivate product line is available in various 24V, 36V and 48V configurations suitable for Class I, II and III material handling equipment.

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24V System Datasheet
36V Systems Datasheet
48V Systems Datasheet

Why Switch to ELivate?

Powered by Electrovaya’s Lithium-ion Ceramic Technology

Energy Costs

Higher efficiency charging reduces energy costs up to 30%

No Maintenance

Eliminates watering or fuel stack replacements reducing maintenance costs up to 20%

Cycle Life

Up to 9,000 cycles and backed by up to 10 year warranty

WiFi Communication

Wi-Fi enabled remote monitoring, software updates and charge control

Increased Productivity

Reduced down time from opportunity charging and no battery swapping

No Additional Infrastructure

Utilizes existing electrical systems