Breakthrough Technology

Electrovaya’s technology is supported by over 400 patents in Lithium Ion battery and processing technologies. These innovations allow us to offer the safest and longest cycle life on the market using NMC chemistry cells.


Unique all-ceramic separator (SEPARION®) offers unparalleled safety.

Non-Toxic Production

Patented process eliminates use of NMP in electrode production.

Cycle Life

Up to 9,000 cycles using standard NMC materials.

Battery Intelligence

Proprietary BMS suitable for a wide array of applications.

Technology Highlights

  • Unique ceramic separator technology SEPARION® with revolutionary safety properties
  • LITARION® electrodes provide unparalleled cycle life and performance
  • Proprietary NMP- free manufacturing process
  • Fifth Generation Battery Management System – iBMSTM

Production Capabilities

  • Largest producer of Li-ion cells and components in Europe
  • 500 MWh+ of annual electrode production capacity
  • 10 million sqm annual separator production capacity
  • “Made in Germany” quality: production certified according to ISO 9001 and automotive standard ISO/TS 16949