High Quality Components

Electrovaya combines 20 years of lithium ion battery expertise in the selection of critical materials including electrodes, separators and electrolytes to ensure the highest quality cell standards

LITACELL® Cells (LC-44)

LITACELL® LC-44 uses our Lithium-ion ceramic technology that provides an outstanding combination of leading-edge cycle and calendar life, unique safety features and a superior quality level based on the well-proven components.

Key Features:

  • High energy density pouch-cell, also suitable for the medium-power range
  • Superior cycle and calendar life – 9000 full cycles (100 % DOD, 1C/1C)
  • Over 20 years lifetime, depending on operating conditions
  • UL1642 and UL1973 Annex E


The LITACORE module can be used as a building block by system integrators in both stationary and motive energy storage applications. Two versions of the LITACORE are available, using either 6 or 7 LC-44 cells, with capacities of 1.0 and 1.15 kWh, respectively.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Voltage and Temperature sensors
  • Cells are housed in frames with padding for vibration dampening
  • Physical isolation protection around cells preventing voltage leakage
  • Laser welded cell tabs allow for best electrical connection, longest calendar life, and vibration tolerance
  • Thermal management via integrated heat sink and thermal padding in the 7-cell version


iBMSTM Battery Management System

Electrovaya develops BMS software and hardware in-house for both motive and stationary applications. Our 5th Generation BMS can be used in both low voltage (<60 VDC) and high voltage (<1000 VDC) applications:

Key Features:

  • Determines and communicates allowable power limits and available energy
  • Enforces optimised charging algorithm
  • Determines and communicates State of Charge
  • Determines and communicates State of Health
  • Remote monitoring of battery via Wi-Fi
  • Capable of Active Balancing